U.S to build 1st Nuclear Power Plant on Moon. will it destroy Mankind?

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US Nuclear Power Plant on Moon to be built by 2027

What comes to your mind when you heard about the moon? Most probably moon craters, no atmosphere, radiation, etc. but a recent development happened when US announced they will build Nuclear plant on moon. This is a really a very big announcement and challenging too.

Current US president Donald Trump has given permission to NASA under SPD-6 to carry out the development of nuclear power plant on moon. NASA’s aim is to develop this plant up to 2027. NASA believe this development they can make a human base where 2 to 3 Astronaut can live permanently and carry out science experiments and they can use that base to launch future Mars missions which will be a huge cost saving for NASA.

US is very serious about this project and they have also allocated a separate budget of $1.6 billion. NASA’s theoretical base would look like below image.

NASA’s Future base

Scientist’s believe there is no source of power on the moon and solar energy is not enough to provide power to this base. So the only option left is Nuclear Energy by this Nuclear Power Plant on Moon, that is also a reason why US wants to build this Plant.

Many of you may have heard about Helium-3 which is abundant on the lunar surface, but our current technological advancement doesn’t allow us to use that Fuel and Helium-3 is nuclear fusion fuel and we are not expert in nuclear fusion technology. So this indicated this Nuclear plant will be based on nuclear fission technology.

Will it destroy mankind?
According to Global Time, they believe US will use that base for military purpose and they want to militarize the space and set up a military base on the lunar surface. China is very concerned about this step.

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