What is Quantum computer? how it is even better than current 2020 Supercomputers?

Quantum computer(QC) even better than Supercomputers.

Quantum computers are those machines which works on the principle of quantum physics to store data and perform processing. This type of computer can do those tasks which can even our best supercomputers can’t do.

Many of you may be thinking , “why QC is different from our classic computers or super computers?”.

Answer:- Normal or classical computers like smartphone, laptop, desktop or Supercomputers, encodes and process information in binary form which is “bits” that can either be 0 or 1. Whereas, in a QC , these basic unit of memory is a quantum bit or we can say qubit.

So now you know very basic difference between supercomputer and QC.

So now the question is “how Quantum computer is better than supercomputer? “,

Above you learned about the basic unit of Quantum computing which is Qubits. Qubits are physical systems which is actually the spin of an electron or the orientation of a photon. thus this Qubits system can be in many different arrangement at a time. and Qubits are linked in such a way together that it cant be seperated this results a series of Qubits that can represent different things simultaneously.

If digging further eight bits is enough for a classical computer to represent any number between 0 and 255. But eight qubits is enough for a QC to represent every number between 0 and 255 at the same time. and a few hundred qubits would be enough to represent every number which a human can think or number of atoms present in the universe.

This is where Quantum computers win over classical computers or super computers.

quantum computer

what a quantum computer can do?

In situations where there are a large number of possible combinations, quantum computers can consider them simultaneously. Examples include trying to find the prime factors of a very large number or the best route between two places from the million different routes . A QC can go through every step from the million possible steps simultaneously.

Quantum computers also have some disadvantages

quantum computers are highly sensitive: heat, electromagnetic fields and collisions with air molecules.

Quantum computers need to protect qubits from external interference, either by physically isolating them, keeping them cool or zapping them with carefully controlled pulses of energy.

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