Pakistan Turkey relations 2020. mega rail project. from Pakistan Turkey relations should India be worried?

Pakistan Turkey relations rail project for improving trade relations

Pakistan Turkey relations: Pakistan, Iran and Turkey are expected to be connected by a Mega rail line in 2021. It is a very important step for Pakistan, Iran and turkey. The rail route will be started from Istanbul, which is the financial capital of Turkey then it will pass through Tehran, which is the capital of Iran then it will end at the capital of Pakistan Islamabad.

Map of railway line

Many of you may be misunderstood that “Pakistan Iran Turkey rail project” is a new railway project but it is not. The railway lines are already there in their respective country, but 3 governments are planning to join these routes together to get connected with each other.

It has been known that Pakistan Turkey relations are very good friends but their trade shows something else. Their trade is roughly around $600-$800 million, which is not very impressive. So both the government are expecting this “Pakistan Iran Turkey rail project” will help them to improve their trade relation also.

If we see India and Bangladesh’s trade volume which is $10 billion, roughly which is very impressive than Pakistan and turkey’s trade volume. So anyhow Pakistan is now learning from India and Bangladesh that to grow economically we have to grow trade volume with our neighboring country first.

Pakistan is also expecting to be get connected with European market with the help of turkey. Now many of you may be thinking how? So the answer is turkey and Russia are the only two countries which comes under two continents, western part of turkey comes under European continent and eastern part comes under Asia. So Pakistan is expecting help from pakistan turkey relations to access the European market.

Experts say china can also join this rail route under CPEC to increase china’s trade with European market. So this rail route is clearly a very beneficial for Pakistan and China.

Should india be worried from pakistan turkey relations?
Well India can’t do anything because it is the internal matter between these 3 countries, but India can learn one lesson from “Pakistan Iran Turkey rail project”. India should focus on regional connectivity. Because till now date India don’t have any railway connectivity with its neighboring countries like Bhutan and Nepal. India should think to connect itself with ASEAN countries through railway line to improve more its trade relations.

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