India becomes 3rd Country who built Big Mega Hypersonic Wind Tunnel, not even China Have this.

India Achieves Hypersonic Wind Tunnel Technology.

Rajnath Singh Ji with Scientists.

Hypersonic Wind Tunnel: DRDO (Defense Research and development organization) accomplished a major achievement by building Mega Hypersonic Wind Tunnel Facility for Indian Army. After Building this tunnel India becomes the 3rd country after the US and Russia who have this facility, not even china has this technology.

It is inaugurated by current defense minister Shri Rajnath Singh ji in Hyderabad. The report says this tunnel is 100% Made in India. This is a very big thing for defense perspective because only 3 countries have this facility till date including India.

Now you may be thinking what is the use of this Facility?. Well this facility is very important and helpful for our defense requirement. We can test Hypersonic weapons and equipments with speed Mach 5 to Mac 10. this advance facility will help India develop advanced weapons and equipments.

Model of this tunnel

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) is started Developing similar type of Tunnel in 2017. You may hear news about ISRO’s wind tunnel within a few months or years report says. NASA, Space X is already using these tunnels for testing their space rockets. This clearly indicates how these tunnels are very important for space technology.

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