PM Modi to flag-off India’s 1st Driverless Metro Train in Delhi on 28th December. How much safe it is?

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Driverless metro train to run on Delhi’s Track from 28th December

Driverless Metro Train: Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is going to flag off India’s first-ever driverless metro train on 28th december 2020. note before that there is no such trains ever existed in india that is why it is considered as a major milestone achieved by India’s mass rapid transit system.

In Delhi metro routes were given name according to the colors. there are total 11 lines which is orange line ,red line, green line, violet line, yellow line, blue line, pink line, magenta line, aqua line, grey line and phase-IV line(under development). which has a 390km long network spread across the national capital and adjoining cities such as Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad, Ghaziabad and Bahadurgarh

where in Delhi?

The first driverless metro train will roll out on the 38km-long Line 8 or Magenta line of the Delhi metro.

driverless metro train
driverless metro train

why now?

According to previous rules of Delhi metro no driverless metro train were allowed. but now center has made some changes in the general rule of metro 2020 which allows Delhi metro to have driverless metro train in operation.

Will all Delhi metro trains operate without driver from 28th December 2020?

The answer is no, the driverless train operation (DTO) or unattended train operation (UTO) modes can be implemented only on Line 7 and Line 8 of the Delhi metro network which came up under phase III expansion.

These corridors are equipped with an advance signalling technology which makes the upgradation possible.

Even now most of the trains were remotely controlled by the engineers present in control rooms, although drivers were present to tackle any emergency situations. But in old metro routes such as red line, blue line and yellow line drivers were given full controls of the train. but the speed limit is controlled by the control rooms.

what will change on the Magenta Line from december 28?

From ATP (automatic train protection) and ATO (automatic train operation), metro will switch to DTO (driverless train operation) mode. In this mode, trains can be controlled entirely from the three command centers of DMRC, without any human intervention but still driver will be there in the cabin to tackle any emergency situation

The communication based train control (CBTC) signaling technology also makes it possible to monitor and troubleshoot every aspect of train operations remotely. Manual intervention is only required during hardware replacement.

But DTO mode will still be one step away from UTO (unattended train operations) mode which is final stage of driverless services.

In UTO mode no human intervention is there, no driver cabins will be there in trains. Reports says when proper HD cameras will be installed on metro trains to detect defects on tracks and overhead wires on that time DTO will be converted into UTO mode.

How safe is UTO mode?

It is totally safe, DMRC said DMRC train operations is already involve a considerable degree of automation and drivers are there just for emergency situations and drivers don’t have much control on trains. but once the HD cameras installed the need of manual controlling will not be necessary.

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