Easy and Important Computer Tricks of 2021 You Should Know

Computer tricks and shortcut keys

In the world of technology in which everyone is sticking to the PC/ Laptops/ Mobiles, there are Easy and Important Computer Tricks You Should Know. The people who spend hours on computer/laptop should know these computer tricks. Further, these computer tricks include countless computer shortcuts that even the most proficient PC users don’t realize that they can utilize it and make the work easier. You can impress your colleagues with these easy and simple computer tricks.

computer tricks
  • Opening the tabs is an action you do several times during the day. Instead of opening tabs manually by mouse, simply use Ctrl+t and a new tab will open. If you are using a MAC Book use Command instead of Ctrl. (Command+t)
  • Ask google about your problems that you face in your PC before going to PC expert. Moreover, most IT problems are simple issues that can be solved by following a few steps instructed by google. However, most people get panic and run to a PC expert. You can type your problem into Google and can search a solution to your problem, instead of giving lots of money to a computer expert.
  • For currency conversions use google search bar instead of a calculator. If you are travelling to abroad and you don’t know about the currency well then use google instead of a calculator. Google will show the exact amount to you.
  • When your laptop/ mobile is in airplane mode it charges fast then operating normally.
  • Download the image by using a shortcut key. Most of the people right-click on the image and select the save option. Subsequently, there is a shortcut key to download images. Push Alt and then left-click on the image. On a MAC book, you can press control and then click on the image. (The image will be downloaded to your folder).
  • If your PC is running at a slow speed, then firstly cleans your desktop. Put all the files into a folder because a clean desktop leads to a faster computer.
  • Shortcut key that exists your web browser; why do it manually if you can use Ctrl+Q and can exist from a web browser.
  • See your Excel or word files without opening it. You need to do is simply press a shortcut key Alt+P. From this, you can see your typed data on the right side of the PC.
  • If you are typing in MS word and you are Capital using words constantly; it gets difficult to press caps lock again and again. Use Shortcut key Swift+F3. This will be very helpful if you are typing something in words.
  • To pause a video: Press K.
  • Most users use the mouse to shut down PC. It is important to know about Shortcut key to shut down PC i.e alt+f4+enter.
  • To open your PowerPoint file in presentation mode directly: Right-click on the file, then select Show.
computer tricks

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-by Shivangi

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