Best top 5 TV Brands in India 2021- February

In today’s market where so many brands are competing in the market and promising their product is the best and choosing from them is a quite complicated task. So don’t worry we will help you out how to choose the best tv brand for your next tv purchase. Our data is based on market research and customer reviews before-sales and after-sales. And we believe our research will help you to know the best top 5 tv brands in India 2021.

We will also help you buy the best tv for your home with our buying guide.

Our TV Buying Guide to choose from the top 5 tv brands in India.

1. Screen Size compared to your room or space where you will install the tv

Your tv screen size is the most important factor which you should consider before buying your tv. No one will like a small tv screen in a big hall or a big tv screen in a small room. Hence choosing the right size of the tv screen for a given space is important.

top 5 tv brands in india 2021
Screen SizeViewing distance from the tv
32 inch4.5 – 5 feet
40 inch5 – 5.5 feet
43 inch5.5 – 6 feet
50 inch6 – 7 feet
55 inch7 – 7.5 feet
60 inch7.5 – 8.5 feet
65 inch8.5 – 9 feet
70 inch9 – 9.5 feet
75 inch9.5 – 10.5 feet
80 inch 10.5 – 11 feet
85 inch11 – 12 feet

2. Type of Screen

In older days CRT televisions were the king then Flat-screen television came. But these types of screens are no longer in existence. Nowadays three types of tv screens are commercially available in the market- OLED, QLED and LED.

top 5 tv brands in india 2021
  1. OLED- This type of screen is the best for excellent picture quality because it is based on Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology, every pixel is capable of emitting its own light in response to an electric current. Hence expensive. you should consider OLED TV if you have high budget and planning for above 55 inch screen sized Tv.

2 .LED- This type of screen is most affordable for buyers who are looking for affordable plus good Picture quality tv because it is based on backlit LCD technology, these televisions typically use TFT-LCD panels with LED backlighting hence it is affordable.

3. QLEDQLED TVs are essentially LED TVs but with a quantum-dot filter between the LED backlight and LCD layer, which helps produce better colors. Better than LED.

3. Features

top 5 tv brands in india 2021

who doesn’t like to praise their newly bought tv features to their friends and relatives? I guess none. Hence feature is also an important factor. Nowadays TVs come with USB ports, preinstalled Netflix, amazon prime, screen mirroring, wi-fi connectivity, blue tooth, and many more features. But different brands and tv types offer different features. Hence more is always good.

top 5 tv brands in india 2021

4. Internal Quality and External Quality

Internal Quality– Before buying you should always check the picture quality whether it is HD, FHD, 4K, 8K, or 16K, and sound quality whether it is Normal sound or Dolby Digital.

External Quality- Before Buying you should always check the quality of the material used for the tv body and remote control.

5. Warranty and after sales service

top 5 tv brands in india 2021

In the current market, different brands give different warranty periods. Some gave one year warranty, and some gave more than one year warranty. But the most important thing is how is the after-sales service. Because electronic devices are prone to malfunction, and no one likes to wait for long to get their tv repaired. So before going for a particular brand always lookout is there any service center located nearby you of that particular brand.

Best top 5 TV Brands in India 2021 According to current market research.

1. Samsung

top 5 tv brands in india 2021

This is one of the oldest and reputed brands in the current Tv market, And it is also a leading brand in terms of market share with roughly 30% market share. Because Samsung is known for its premium quality products and best after-sales service.

This company is also known for bringing new television technologies in the market. Samsung stands in the top two in terms of picture quality and sound quality. This brand definitely deserve to be in the list of best top 5 tv brands in India 2021.

Mainly Known for- Best color technology which is their QLED technology.

Our Recommendation:-

2. Sony

top 5 tv brands in india 2021

If you are looking for the best picture quality and best sound quality then Sony is the best bet. Because Sony is known for its best picture quality for many years. This Japanese company is very old in the market with great after-sales service. But Sony is costlier among all the brands. Hence this brand definitely deserve to be in the list of best top 5 tv brands in India 2021.

Mainly Known for- Best picture quality and Best sound quality.

Our Recommendation:-

3. Panasonic

top 5 tv brands in india 2021

If you are looking for good picture quality, good sound quality, and the latest feature without spending much then Panasonic is the brand you are looking for. It is also the only brand that can give you TVs that have the latest technologies. And it also has an equally big network for after-sales service. That is why this brand made a place in the list of best top 5 tv brands in India 2021.

Mainly Known for- Latest features and good picture and sound quality in low price.

Our Recommendation:-

4. LG

top 5 tv brands in india 2021

LG is the brand that you will find in almost all home appliances category and it is also the 2nd most selling brand after Samsung. Picture quality and sound quality is close to Sony and Samsung but can’t beat the top 2 players. The best thing about the LG is its user-friendly WebOS which is the best OS on the market.

Mainly Known for- User experience from LG is the best. cheaper than Sony and Samsung. Comparable picture Quality with Sony and Samsung.

Our Recommendation:-

5. MI

top 5 tv brands in india 2021

Mi is well known for providing loads of features at a very less price. With Mi, you will get almost all the latest features a tv can have at a very low price. Mi is already a giant in the smartphone market and also getting pace in the television market. So no one can stop this brand to secure a place in the list of best top 5 tv brands in India 2021.

Mainly Known for- Latest features at a low price.

Our Recommendation:-

We hope this article will help you to buy best TV for your Home. If you have any suggestion or complain please leave us your comment.

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